Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Penderwicks Return

The third Penderwick story, in which they exeunt somewhat severally for vacation (the bulk of them in Maine, where Jeffrey, released into Penderwick custody reluctantly, makes a Discovery), prompted a realization: why, these are the Little Women! Skye is Jo, Rosalind is Meg, Batty is Beth (with her stuffies but a more life-giving mystery, embodied now in her musical talent) and Jane is Amy (what is Sabrina Starr, her alter ego, but a romantic heroine?) They even have a Laurie—Jeffrey, of course. 

Also read since last post: My Dirty Little Book of Stolen Time by Liz Jensen, a romp worth of children’s literature, but with sex. Not so very much of it, dear reader. Time travel and plucky clever whores and a hero who is a loving father. It was a bargain book at Megastore and is an example of why I love the bargain table. First Light by Rebecca Stead: interesting premise, a race of people who have been living under (literally under, as in within) a glacier for generations, and the discovery of same by a boy whose ice scientist father and periodic depression-suffering mother who is a geneticist have unspoken reasons for their family research trip to Greenland. Liked it. Finally, Still Alice by Lisa Genova: much better than Left Neglected. Still somewhat casual fiction but more emotionally engaging. In the end, husband can’t take it and effectively leaves, but daughters step in to care for mother in the last way possible: by physically and emotionally being there for her. And that reminded me of the one thing I engaged with in Left, which was the relationship between the protag and her mother.

That’s all, must return to the caribou! She said cryptically.

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