Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Margaretha’s Recommendation

I’m not a huge fan of fantasy that involves an invented language and history and cultural notes in an appendix (I’m too lazy to learn something that isn’t real) but this one was recommended by Biggie and so I persevered. The story was great, the main character a real winner, and some of the feminist issues involved (not driven, just there) make The Naming by Alison Croggon a rich read. it got me thinking about the physics of magic. I think it would take a lot of energy. Afterward, a magic worker would be need to be kept warm, like an athlete. A magic worker would be pretty thin, as a rule, though not fit—this isn’t muscle work. He or she would eat a lot and suffer from weird food cravings. Some kinds of magic would involve more drawing on the universe than others, and would have unique physical effects: deep shivers, perhaps, or blanking out afterward. As I write this, I begin to believe that writers of magic don’t take the human body into account much. Alison did, more than most—her heroine gets her period (though weirdly frequently, it seemed like).

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