Thursday, April 21, 2011


Good News

Ages ago (it’s funny how those two words look alike) I wrote about Case Histories by Kate Atkinson; it’s my joy to say now that there are sequels! I found out by accident. The second book is One Good Turn; the third, which I just finished (I’m going to work today, honest!) is When Will There Be Good News? (I have the answer to that question—when you learn that there are sequels to a book you loved.) This is detective fiction for people who don’t like detective fiction. In Good News, Atkinson brings together Jackson Brodie, the hapless sleuth; a character from the second book, wonderfully underwritten somehow, even when we’re in her head (she isn’t very self-aware); and two new characters who carry big bags of unluckiness. One of these is pure genius of the writer’s art. Read the books and then let’s talk about how.

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