Saturday, February 09, 2008


A Quick Note recommend Esther by Sharon E. McKay (Penguin Canada, 2004), especially in the light of Quebec City's 400th anniversary. My visiting mother heard the letter that inspired this book read on CBC radio. It's an unusual story of a Jewish girl's 18th-century journey from St. Esprit, France to Quebec. Weirdly, in the way of synchronicity, I am currently reading Blood Secret by Kathryn Lasky (HarperTrophy, 2004) which deals with the same theme: that is, the secret trails of hounded Jewry through the bloodiest dark valleys of Christian history.

And I will also recommend Enter Three Witches by Caroline B. Cooney (Scholastic Press, 2007) for another perspective on That Scottish Play. A bit slow moving at times. One is frustrated by the extremely meek heroine's helpless fluttering around the scenes of her undoing; you know that she is simply pinned there, a specimen belonging to the actual play.

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